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       He quickly shoved his fist through the computer screen before pressing his face into his bloody hands. “I need a drink.”

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Your muse finds my muse curled up on the bed, crying. Send “Hush” for a 1-35 generated response to why.



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I need these)))

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//Mun is of age… muse is on the verge of legal age which is seventeen. I’m not really sure how old he was in season 1 of Durarara and my blog is based off of season two, But I think he’s sixteen going on seventeen soon… He’s mentally mature, but physically.. he’s still growing. ;;hangs head. I just wish people didn’t see Mikado as some innocent child…

//Yeah it’s a little confusing as far as his age goes.. If he’s in season two then yeah he’d be around 17.  I always say it you REALLY want to nsfw with a underage muse you can do AU but I usually only feel comfortable if the muse is of age, but I can make an exception for this case.

as long as it’s AU or time skip of course.

//The moment you realize you wish you were there to see Shizuo in his birthday suit and your muse is too young according to other muses and muns. ><

//How sadIs that an offer? *winkwonk*  Haha,  as long as Muse and Mun are of age I don’t mind.


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Obey me: It was just a figure of speech! CLOSED NSFW



          “Shizu-chan lets be reasonable here I—” He felt like his legs were reduced to jelly, and he got to his knees. “I…I can’t control my body what is—” He looked up at Shizuo, confusion set in the informants eyes, which changed into anger.

          “I despise you…”

         He watched Izaya struggle and fall down to his knees. Shizuo just laughed at him for a moment, watching the informants act out the instructions. His eyes flickered and showed a moment of hesitation and even… fear. Izaya’s once handsome face distorted into a disgusting snarl..

         Shizuo could feel his stomach start to turn “Yeah, Yeah very funny now get up already.”

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nasujimas inquired:

(☞゚∀゚)☞ ( heh heh hehe)
(☞゚∀゚)☞:would you rather be hugged by a bunny or kissed by a doe?

"…I….I….I can’t choose….It’s impossible.”

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darkderikku inquired:

The cat appeared on front of Shizuo and purred looking up at him with what would look like a small kitty smile.

"….Hey there little guy. Aren’t you cute?"

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