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Hello there, Shi-zu-channnnnn~



"What’s up Izaya-kun~, Didn’t I tell you to stay the fuck out of Ikebukuro? Huh? Izaaaaaaya~?"

Izaya just chuckled darkly at the protozoan’s predictable and tedious reaction. “Oh, Shizu-channn~, I can come and go as I please. You have no jurisdiction in what I do or where I go, protozoan.”image

   “Ah, yeah maybe I’m just being harsh~  After all you should have a choice in where you take your final breath! See? I can be reasonable after all~ Izaaaya~ kun.”



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He remembered walking to his brother’s place with some groceries, he was going to make him some curry as a welcome home present. Kasuka just got back from filming in America, it had probably been a while since he had a home cooked meal. He figured he’d be a good older brother and come and see how he was doing.

He rapped gently on the door, “Kasuka.” he heard nothing in response. He just shrugged and entered his code into the electronic lock on the door. The light turned green and he made his way in.

He wandered into the kitchen and put all of the groceries on the counter before making his way into the living room, “Kasuka?” he called out again. “Hey I got some pudding for you.” He walked into the room and noticed a coffee cup tipped over on the coffee table.

His eyes traveled downward, and his heart sunk.

Kasuka was laying on the ground, his eyes were vacant. His mouth agape, fluid running down his mouth. 

Shizuo fell down to his knees, grabbing his brother by his head holding back his tears he pressed his fingers to his neck….. There was no pulse.

He could feel his tears already start to overflow, “Kasuka. Stay with me, please!”

he pressed his single hand on his brother’s chest and started chest compressions. He knew that he would probably end up breaking his ribs, but he had to at least try to save him. Shinra taught Shizuo, in the event that he managed to kill someone…

He never thought he’d be using it to save the life of his brother.

Five minutes passed… Still no pulse…ten minutes..nothing. 

By the time the ambulance arrived, Kasuka’s chest was sunken in, his ribs were all fractured. Shizuo had to be torn away from the body of his brother..

At the hospital…He had to muster all of his will to call his mother… “Mom.”

"Oh hello honey, did you see Kasuka yet?"

His voice started to crack when he said those words…”Mom, I’m so sorry. Kasuka….He…I..He passed away..” his mother’s immediate reaction was disbelief, he could hear her start to weep. Calling out to her son, Shizuo broke down. “I’m so sorry, there was nothing I could do.”

He left the hospital before his parents got there, he didn’t think he could handle facing them after what happened.

He came to his home… Crawled into his bed before breaking down. He screamed into his pillow, his chest was so tight. The pain bored a hole into him, he blamed himself for everything..

He never felt so weak in his life.

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Obey me: It was just a figure of speech! CLOSED NSFW




          “You awful impediment, get it through your thick skull that I cant—” Again, his body took over and his hands moved to the others pants, hovering over the belt.

          “Tch…can’t you hold me down or something, I don’t want to do this.” But as the words slipped out, his hands were already working with the buckle of Shizuo’s belt. 

  His eyes widened as he watched Izaya start to unbuckle his belt, he grabbed Izaya by the shoulders and pushed him backwards,

  “This isn’t fucking funny you fucking prick!”

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“Heheheh…’izu-chaan’s looking fine tonight~”

"…..Go home, you’re drunk."

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He didn’t even recognize Erika. “Well I stuck my dick into you and made ya moan first.”

"Shut up, Shit. Shit, shit, shit!"

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          “Shizu-chan sucks my cock on the rooftops~”


"You sucked mine first."

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