”Baby lock the doors and turn the lights down low~”

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//well then we can give it a go if you’d like~ I can make Mikado 18 to make it fair and the age gap closer

//Sure that works~ <3




guys someone did it


This is disgusting Ill take twelve boxes



//LMAO THAT ICON! Then I suppose we could try something. I mentioned to one Shizuo about an Au I saw in fanfart where Shizuo is a stray dog in dog form and Mikado takes him in and one night bathing him the dog turns into…well… a man… bblah blah but I could totally find other Aus I’m sure of it lol

//Yes… Yes I like this Au~ The mun is pleased. 

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I am not sorry
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Hello there, Shi-zu-channnnnn~

"What’s up Izaya-kun~, Didn’t I tell you to stay the fuck out of Ikebukuro? Huh? Izaaaaaaya~?"

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//So much love today my goodness.

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//Don’t force yourself into it if you don’t want it to happen we don’t have to. I don’t like forcing other muns and I know how it goes sometimes. I chose to roleplay Mikado for compatibility wise between mun and muse myself, and a lot of people get discomforted by him. There’s really no disagreement to me if you don’t want to. I have nothing against you and I won’t hold it over your head because I’m not that kind of mun lol.

trust me… I’ve been rping Mikado for a good five years. I know people don’t quite like him lol

[[Ohohoho don’t get me wrong I am all for it.

Send in sexy pictures of your Muse to my submit box, and see how my muse reacts..

       He quickly shoved his fist through the computer screen before pressing his face into his bloody hands. “I need a drink.”

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